Jura Brewery:
Branding for beer proposal

Firstly the project was to create a new brand marque for the Jura Brewery should they wish to dabble in the premium beer and ale market. Then secondly to develop, name and design packaging for two potential new products, namely a new premium ale and new wheat beer. Inspiration for the branding and design was to be taken from the Isle of Jura and its surrounding environment. The visuals had to reflect the Jura’s unique heritage and atmosphere. The product branding was to reflect the above while reflecting the individual products own quirky and unique properties.
In addition to the new over arching brand marque bespoke illustrations were created for the Premium Ale and Wheat Beer products and incorporated into fresh beer label designs. These illustrations were designed to reflect Jura’s link with nature while bringing a dramatic (Fiery Bull) and poignant (Goats Tears) back story to the products.
‘The Goats Tears’ name reflects both the colour of the wheat beer product and the longing desire the consumer will take with them after having once tasted this premium wheat beer. ‘The Fiery Bull’ name and illustration are designed to reflect the spicy after taste of the Premium Ale product.
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